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Take a visit to our clinic and see what products we have to offer. The big corporate practices and pet food supermarkets can be very overwhelming and their lay staff not well trained.  We have selected a few companies that are outstanding in their respective products.  For dog and cat foods, we carry Fromm (which is made in the USA), Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canine, and Purina diets. We have hypoallergenic and grain free diets that have been recommended by board certified dermatologists.

For cats, we carry diets for urinary tract health, hairballs, and weight loss.  Our pet vitamin and joint supplements are from trusted veterinary companies that have produced products for decades and have years of expertise in the nutritional needs of your pet.  Recently we have added newer and improved flea products that work to rid your pet of those pesky insects.

Please call our clinic to schedule a consultation or exam to help you decide what is best for your pet – 253-588-6649

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Rosie likes Hill’s Less Active Dry Cat Food!

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